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Various portraits done by Donna Nassar Archie Comic Books was my first challenge in portraiture.   Drawing people was entertaining as a child and have continued throughout my life.    My goal has always been to capture a good likeness but also the dignity, depth and spirit of my subject.    The guiding principle is portraits will be in a family for generations to come and, therefore; my work will hopefully be cherished beyond my lifetime.   Landscape painting is more relaxing.  I like to paint  from locations where I traveled. It is inspiring to live the moment again.

I attended the “John McCrady Art School” in the French Quarter for two years. Everyday in the French Quarter was a completely diverse encounter. The artists in my classes were inimitable and the people on the street were enchanting characters to captivate on canvas. I was truly sorry when the school closed. It seemed that this was the only art school available outside of a college curriculum.   A new school had recently opened up for artists and I applied to the “New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts” on Magazine Street.   It was an excellent school and  stayed there for almost 4 years. The instructors were trained from  schools such as the famous Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; bringing their expertise to us was fantastic.

My inspiration came from  American Artist Mary Cassett (1844-1926). Mary was a Portrait of the Artist, Donna Nassarmagnificent portrait artist and was in the same venue as Degas, Pissarro and Monet. She moved to Paris and became good friends with Edgar Degas. He had a great influence on her work. The impressionist movement must have been an amazing time. I wish that I could have been there when these skillful artists became notable in the art world.

I copied many of her works and  still treasure them after 30 years. I will never forget the first time I saw  her paintings. I knew that was how I wanted to paint. When finally got to see her work in the Smithsonian I cried; to be in the presence of her magnificent artwork was humbling.

I found it difficult to concentrate on my talents over the years — marriage, a child, and a business to help run with my husband hampered my work as an artist.  I did paint as often as I could; however, I knew that it was not enough to grow and progress.  Retiring from the business world;  I have made the commitment to paint often. I am fortunate to have the talent and training to paint and move forward at this time of my life.


  1. Love the portraits and colors of your landscapes and scenes. Keep up the time involved in painting now that you have more time. You will even get better!

  2. Donna, I am so pleased and happy that you now have a website and that others will be able to see and enjoy your beautiful style. You created an heirloom for us by painting our grandchildren, whose parents are most grateful. You do capture the spirit and essence of your subjects, which is a special gift. Thank you for the beauty that you create and the joy you bring to others.

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