Scenes from Galapagos


Charles Darwin researched his theory of evolution on the islands in the Galpagos.  For example, the sparrows were unique to each island (such as different size beaks) because the ecological makeup was dissimilar on every island. This is what spurred Darwin to investigate and develop the theory of evolution.

The country of Ecuador claims Galapagos. My expedition was through National Geographic.   The only inhabitants are the animals that live there. We sailed around the islands in a large boat that was an arctic clipper in its heyday.  There were around 60 people on board. The clipper could not dock on the islands so we traveled to the islands in a dingy.  The animals, such as seals, tortoises, penguins, were not afraid of us.  We snorkeled with sharks.  Rare birds such as the Blue Footed Boobie lives on these islands. We had the experience of seeing a Blue Whale that was just a few feet away from our dingy.  It was a spiritual as well as physical journey and I have very fond memories of the people who shared the excursion with me.


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